Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style.
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Into The Gloss

Here is another one of my top favorite fashion blogs. X

The Sartorialist

Fashion Blog of the Month.

Ladies, if you are experiencing “style’s block”, please get inspired by following the worlds top fashionistas for a little wardrobe inspiration ;*

Paris Fall 2014: Elements | Color

A thematic visual diary of Paris Fashion Week inspired by the essential building blocks of fashion and style.

Bill Cunningham | Wearing It Forward

Guests dressed for the fall Dior show on Feb. 28, at the Rodin Museum in Paris, made a loud statement about the diversity of the women.

Harlem Style, Just for the Fun of It

Niesha Hogan, a visual operations manager, moved to Harlem from Oakland, Calif. She says the neighborhood feels like home to her, because everyone there “understands and loves getting dressed.”


I am crazy about accessorizing with bold prints and bright coloured clutches and handbags.